equiteacher PRO with storage case

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The equiteacher PRO has just that little more quality.
Full digital fault-free transmission, and therefore even more discreet than other systems.
Due to the digital section, other "sets" can not be listened to.
The Equiteacher PRO has a larger range than the standard Equiteacher, which makes it more reliable.
2 years warranty.

The equiteacher PRO has that little bit more quality.
Full digital interference-free transmission, and therefore slightly more discreet than other systems.
By the digital part, other "sets" for not listening.
The equiteacher PRO has a greater range than standard equiteacher, thereby even more reliable.


Complete set comes with impact resistant plastic storage case.

equiteacher PRO is fully digital, both the sound but also the frequency-section
equiteacher PRO is a wireless system with a transmitter and a receiver
equiteacher PRO provides continuous connection (without delay, noise and interference)
equiteacher PRO offers studio quality sound.
equiteacher PRO has a range that is ample for each bin or race ring tot400 meters
equiteacher PRO is very small (7 x 5 x 1.7 cm) and weighs only 50 grams including the battery pack
equiteacher PRO has buttons with a "lock" object can not accidentally
equiteacher PRO receiver has a mounting clip to your pants or jacket
equiteacher PRO stab you through the compact design also easily in your pocket
equiteacher PRO has an antenna
equiteacher PRO has a rechargeable lithium battery for 13 hours of continuous use
equiteacher PRO is to charge with any USB charger
equiteacher PRO has a display for reading volume, channel selection and low battery indicator
equiteacher PRO operates in the license free band (400 MHz) usable across Europe
equiteacher PRO comes incl. microphone, earpiece and battery pack
equiteacher PRO has 100 independent channels to allow use multiple sets
equiteacher PRO has universal connections for all types of earbuds (jack3,5) and Amphibians
equiteacher PRO has a Dutch manual
equiteacher PRO has a CE marking
equiteacher PRO meets ROHS standards