EQUICOACH 2 way instruction system with talk-back function

The instruction system equicoach instruction is a two-way system.
Rider and instructor can communicate wirelessly with each other without even pressing a button.
The equicoach system is based on normal radio technology in the digital form.
We deliberately not chosen for the Bluetooth system in practice is the range and reliability of the Bluetooth system a bit disappointing.
Equicoach The system can also be used as a normal instruction system, ie without talk back function.
There has been chosen in order to provide a small antenna, this in order to ensure the reliability and range equicoach system.
Equicoach features a battery indicator and within range indication.
The system is extremely easy to operate and use.


equicoach 2 way instruction system with talk back function

The hippic instructional system that allows back and forth to talk without pressing a button.
More reach than the blue tooth systems and easier to use.
2 years warranty.

Set consists of:

  • 2 equicoach units
  • 2 headsets
  • 2 chargers

equicoach 2 way system with talk-back function with storage case

The equestrian instruction system with suitcase to and fro talking permits without even pressing a button. More range than the blue tooth systems and simpler to use.

Set includes:

  • 2 equicoach units
  • 2 Head neck set earpiece / microphone
  • 2 chargers
  • 1 luxury case

listening unit for equicoach two-way instruction set

Unit for listening in the equicoach two-way instruction system, with this unit an outsider can listen to the communication between rider and instructor.

Or to use on a sound installation during a clinic.

delivered including earpiece

Delivery time:1-2 workdays
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headset microfoon / oortje

This stereo headset provides a good sound quality.
The headset has a neckband and volume can also be arranged in-line.
Neckband falls under each cap

Delivery time:1-2 werkdagen
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